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AI-Powered Document Automation

Our AI-Powered Document Automation product utilises automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing to transform enterprise workflows. It swiftly extracts, analyses, and organises information from physical documents into digital data. This technology simplifies and streamlines data entry tasks, improves accuracy, and speeds up document processing, enabling enterprises to enhance productivity and efficiency across multiple business operations.

Customer Pain Points

Manual Data Extraction  

Skilled employees spend valuable time manually extracting data from documents, diverting their focus from more strategic tasks.

Inefficient Document Processing

Traditional document processing methods are time-consuming and error-prone, leading to inefficiencies in data extraction and analysis.

Complex Table Extraction 

Extracting structured data from complex tables and Excel spreadsheets poses a challenge, resulting in difficulty obtaining accurate information in the correct format.

Lack of Customisation

Existing solutions often lack the flexibility to adapt to specific business requirements, limiting customisation options for document processing workflows
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Self-Learning Capabilities

This technology uses models that initially deliver high accuracy and refine their performance over time through user feedback, ensuring consistently precise data extraction.


Versatile Data Magic Tables

Easily extract structured data from diverse table formats, ranging from simple grids to intricate nested tables, ensuring easy access to essential information.


White-Labelled Customisation

Enterprises have the flexibility to process documents directly within the web application, while software companies can seamlessly integrate our product into their platforms through white-labelling.


Actionable Insights

Leverage powerful advanced analytical tools to derive valuable AI insights from the extracted data, gaining a deeper understanding of the collected data for enhanced decision-making.


Multilingual Capabilities

This innovative OCR technology comprehends and extracts data in over 50 languages, enabling the processing of multilingual documents with ease.


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Increased Efficiency
Our AI-Powered Document Automation product streamlines data extraction processes through Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation, significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual tasks. This allows employees to focus on more strategic activities, improving overall productivity. Intelligent automation is the key to business success.
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Enhanced Accuracy
This product ensures accurate data extraction from various types of documents by leveraging advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing technology, which minimises human error and improves data quality.
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Scalability and Cost Savings
This automated OCR processing technology allows enterprises to handle large volumes of documents efficiently, enabling scalability without the need for additional human resources. This results in cost savings and better resource allocation across the organisation.
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Enhanced Decision-Making
This AI-Powered Document Automation product provides timely access to accurate data, empowering businesses to make informed decisions quickly. 

Maximise productivity and accuracy with AI-powered document processing, ensuring time and cost savings, alongside easy access to accurately collected and structured data for valuable analytical insights.

Innovate Your Document Processing Today!​

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence in business to streamline your document processing workflows. Say goodbye to manual data extraction and hello to increased efficiency and accuracy.