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Scannex is a physical hardware designed to efficiently collect raw data from various sources, including serial and IP connections. This technology empowers enterprises to reliably store, monitor, and manage key systems like Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems and network devices, including monitoring devices across their network infrastructure. With Scannex, enterprises can streamline data collection processes, enhance security measures, and effectively manage their network resources. Adapt IT EPM is the only preferred partner of Scannex in South Africa. 

Customer Pain Points

Lack of Centralisation and Security

The inability to securely and regularly centralise ASCII or binary data to a single location poses a challenge, leading to data fragmentation and security concerns.

Inefficient Data Collection from Various Protocols

It is difficult to securely and regularly collect ASCII or binary data from sources utilising different protocols. This impacts data aggregation and causes inconsistencies in data management processes.

Data Disruption Alerting

The absence of alerts about disruptions between data collection and transmission results in data inaccuracies and incompleteness, impacting decision-making and operational efficiency.

Delayed Data Collection Resolution

The inability to promptly and effectively resolve issues related to data collection leads to prolonged disruptions and inefficiencies in business operations.
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Key Features


Centralised Data Management

Scannex facilitates the centralised collection of ASCII or binary data from diverse sources, ensuring all critical information is stored securely in a single location for efficient data management and analytics.


Secure and Reliable Data Collection

Enterprises benefit from Scannex’s ability to securely and regularly collect data from sources utilising different protocols. With robust encryption and authentication features, Scannex ensures the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.


Real-time Disruption Alerts

Scannex provides real-time alerts to notify users of any disruptions between data collection and transmission to quickly identify and address issues, minimising downtime and ensuring the continuous flow of accurate and complete data.


Efficient Issue Resolution

Scannex offers comprehensive troubleshooting capabilities and support services, empowering organisations to maintain optimal performance and productivity.


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Easy Installation
Install and monitor with a standard web browser using auto serial port detection. The device automatically detects the RS232/V24 baud rate, protocol, and correct pin configuration, autodetecting the pins and deploying much quicker.
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Collect From IP Sources
Collect data from TCP/IP enabled devices (including raw, Telnet, FTP, UDP, Syslog, SNMP trap, and RADIUS Accounting) or standard RS232/V24 sources.
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Multi-Port Data Collection
Each channel can be configured individually, allowing any mix of data collection, alarm detection, and management over the network or modem.
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Pro-Active Alerts And Notifications
Email, HTTP, and SNMP trap notifications on essential events to proactively manage your data more effectively.
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Secure Transfers
Industry-standard TLS/SSL with AES-256 encryption for 'banking-grade' security on all delivery options or SFTP/SSH secure push capabilities.
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3G Cellular Modem Option
The optional 3G modem provides fall-back data delivery if the main network fails and also allows administration of the IP.buffer over the cellular network.
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Firewall And IT-Friendly
Deliver data using standard HTTP and HTTPS protocols, easing deployment and simplifying managed service installations.
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Flexible Delivery
Deliver and push data in different ways, including raw TCP/IP push or pull, Email, HTTP post, FTP/SFTP push, or FTP pull.
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This product uses the high assurance INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).
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Flexible Scripting
Powerful scripting for complex string detection, modification, and filtering of incoming data.

Scannex offers a unique solution for secure and regular data collection and delivery across multiple protocols, with built-in monitoring tools. With flexible purchasing options, minimal support needs, and automatic firmware updates, Scannex delivers stability, reliability, and affordability tailored to enterprise network requirements.

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