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Streamline Mobile

Streamline Mobile solution enables enterprises to efficiently manage mobile voice and data contracts through self-service and advisory tools across multiple service providers. With our trusted advisor approach and intuitive platform, organisations can quickly realise ROI by identifying underutilised or abused packages and implementing necessary controls. The solution also offers SIM management across carriers, providing a unified view and API-driven integration for seamless management, including provisioning, allocation, and real-time processing of usage data.

Customer Pain Points

Inappropriate Contract Allocation

Enterprises often face challenges with employees being allocated the wrong mobile contracts or packages. This mismatch between user needs and contract provisions can result in inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses.

Runaway Abuse and Lack of Cost Control

Without proper oversight, mobile contracts and data bundles can be subjected to runaway abuse, leading to high costs and a lack of control over expenditure.

Unmanaged Spend

Enterprises may struggle with managing mobile spend effectively, leading to scenarios where former employees continue to use mobile contracts belonging to the organisation.

Lack of Centralised Management

With service providers offering their own platforms, enterprises struggle to manage mobile contracts across multiple providers efficiently, resulting in fragmented data and a lack of visibility.
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Key Features


Multi-Provider Mobile Itemised Data Integration

Our self-service mobile enterprise management solution seamlessly aggregates itemised data and invoice feeds from multiple mobile service providers into a single platform.


Web-Based, Interactive, and Intuitive Navigation

Our solution offers interactive and intuitive navigation through a web-based interface, ensuring ease of use for users at all levels of the organisation.


Threshold Management and Notifications with Soft Device Locking

The solution includes threshold management features that allow administrators to set usage limits and receive notifications when thresholds are exceeded.


Exception Reporting and Contract Analysis

Our solution provides robust exception reporting functionalities, enabling users to identify anomalies and irregularities in mobile usage and expenses.


Scheduled and Ad Hoc Reporting

Users can generate scheduled and ad hoc reports to gain insights into mobile usage trends, expenses, and contract performance.


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Streamlined Contract Management
Our solution empowers enterprises with self-service and advisory tools for managing mobile voice and data contracts, ensuring optimised usage and cost control across multiple service providers as needed.
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Cost Savings and Quick ROI
Experience rapid returns on investment with our intuitive platform, which swiftly identifies and addresses underutilised or excessively abused packages, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
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Unified SIM Management
Simplify administration and reduce complexity in managing mobile assets with our technology, which offers unified SIM management across multiple carriers and provides a consolidated view for enhanced control.
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Seamless API-Driven Integration
Our solution's API-driven integration capabilities enhance operational efficiency and agility by facilitating seamless management of SIM-related activities like locking, provisioning, and allocation.
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Real-Time Mobile Data Usage Management
Gain transparency and control over mobile expenses with our solution's near real-time monitoring of SIM usage, including roaming, enabling proactive cost management and ensuring optimised mobile data management for organisations.

Our Streamline Mobile Solution ensures immediate cost and productivity management for enterprises. Customised reporting, access control, and notification setups tailored to specific business needs empower organisations to swiftly contain mobile and usage costs, enhance productivity, and optimise resource utilisation, ensuring financial efficiency and productivity gains.

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