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Streamline On Bill

Our Streamline On Bill solution is a white-labelled, multi-tenanted solution designed to empower telecommunication service providers to on-bill their hosted voice and UC (unified communication)/VOIP auxiliary services to resellers and customers. Tailored for MVNOs, ISPs, Enterprises, and Telco Providers, this solution enables the seamless management of wholesale purchases and on-selling, allowing providers to track profit and loss efficiently. With customisable reporting and robust features, this solution streamlines billing processes to ensure transparency and profitability for service providers and their clients.

Customer Pain Points

Manual Spreadsheet Processes

Service providers struggle with manual and administrative tasks on spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and increased resource costs.

Inability to Markup Services

Providers face challenges in marking up voice minutes and on-billing UC auxiliary services like SIP Trunk, Call Capacity, and Auto-Attendents, which limits revenue generation opportunities.

Delayed Billing and Reconciliation Issues

Delayed billing to customers and struggles in aligning actual Telco bills with reports pose significant challenges. This leads to administrative burdens, reconciliation difficulties, and potential financial discrepancies.

Customer Service Queries and Administrative Overload

As the customer base grows, administrators face a surge in queries and increased workload, which impacts efficiency and customer satisfaction.
On Bill Solutions for Telco Service Providers


Admin Portal Functions & Benefits (Partner Login)


Visibility of Wholesale Rates

Gain clear visibility into wholesale voice rates compared to customer voice rates, enabling informed decision-making and effective pricing strategies.


Multi-Rate Cards

Customisable multi-rate cards for service providers and customers allow flexibility in billing structures, whether per minute/second billing or percentage markup.


Billing Extracts for Invoicing

Generate billing extracts directly from the portal to invoice resellers and customers efficiently. This will streamline the billing process, ensure accuracy, and facilitate quick financial transactions.


Self-Service Analytics and Reporting

Empower administrators with self-service analytics and reporting tools, enabling them to generate insights and track performance.

Customer Portal Functions & Benefit


Insightful Navigation

Navigate through insightful charts, exports, and filters within the customer portal, providing valuable insights into usage patterns and facilitating data-driven customer decision-making.


Exception Highlights

Easily identify exceptions and anomalies through highlighted alerts, enabling prompt action and proactive management of issues.

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Self-Analytics and Granular Reporting

Empower customers with self-analytics and granular reporting capabilities.


Business Area and User Cost Recovery

Enable the portal’s business area and user cost recovery mechanisms.


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Efficient Automation
Our Streamline On Bill solution automates tedious manual tasks and administrative processes, minimising errors and streamlining billing operations for service providers.
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Revenue Maximisation
With our solution, service providers can effortlessly mark up voice minutes and on bill UC auxiliary services, unlocking new revenue streams and enhancing overall profitability.
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Timely Billing and Accurate Reporting
Our Streamline On Bill solution ensures prompt billing to customers and provides precise reporting, eliminating delays and simplifying reconciliation with Telco bills.
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Seamless Scalability and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Our solution seamlessly scales with the growth of the customer base, empowering administrators to handle increased demands effectively. This scalability, combined with timely billing and accurate reporting, drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Streamline On Bill solution ensures accurate revenue recognition and transparent profit and loss insights, empowering businesses with financial clarity and control. Through automation and auto-provisioning, this solution offers substantial cost savings of 20-30% in administrative expenses, driving efficiency and optimising resource allocation.

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