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Streamline Usage

Streamline Usage solution offers advanced telephone management system software capable of processing call data records and various itemised data feeds from diverse sources like printing, internet proxy, mobile, and even fax. It caters to enterprises that want comprehensive data analysis and data usage reporting capabilities. Designed for organisations aiming to optimise operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this solution provides valuable insights into data usage patterns across different communication channels, facilitating informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Customer Pain Points

Incomplete Network Utilisation Reporting

Complex voice and communication networks cannot provide comprehensive reports on network utilisation, which prevents organisations from understanding and optimising data usage effectively.

Inability to Rate and Report Communication Data

Enterprises struggle to rate and report communication data accurately, impeding their ability to align expenses with business structures and manage user productivity efficiently.

Reactive Approach to Network Abuse

Organisations are forced into a reactive state without itemised invoices to track communication network abuse. They are unable to identify and address issues until they manifest on supplier invoices, leading to potential financial losses and productivity setbacks.

Unjustified Communication Network Spend

Enterprises find it challenging to justify spending on communication network infrastructure when productivity gains within the organisation do not align with the investment.
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Key Features


User-Friendly Web Interface

Our solution is accessible through a user-friendly web interface, which is easy for all users to navigate and use.


Permission-Based Access Control

Assign role-based permissions for users to manage specific business areas and users, ensuring secure access and control over sensitive data.


Exception Reporting and Alerts

Receive real-time exception reporting and alerts, empowering users to address any anomalies or issues within the system quickly.


Integration with Legacy and Current Systems

Seamlessly integrate with both legacy and current systems to collect communication data and directory information, facilitating efficient data management across platforms.


Phone Usage Response Form

Use a phone usage response form to distinguish between business and private usage, enabling accurate identification and categorisation of calls.


Call Barring

Implement call barring functionalities to restrict user access when predefined limits are reached, ensuring adherence to data usage policies and cost control.


Flexible Organisation Directory

Maintain a flexible organisation directory, allowing for comprehensive and accurate user allocation to communication devices. Directory automation and manual maintenance features ensure data integrity and completeness.


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Simplicity in Complexity
Our Streamline Usage solution brings simplicity to managing complex communication networks, allowing enterprises to navigate these intricate systems with ease and efficiency.
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Invoice Reconciliation and Validation
By conducting thorough reconciliation and validation of service provider invoices against itemised records from the voice network, organisations enhance the accuracy and transparency of their billing and reduce the risk of overcharges or discrepancies.
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Effortless Reporting and Data Management
This telephone call management system offers streamlined collection, processing, and rating of all your essential data feeds. This ensures accurate and complete reporting.
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Proactive Issue Resolution
Real-time exception reporting and alerts empower users to promptly identify and address anomalies or issues within the system.
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Streamlined Operations
Integration with legacy and current systems streamlines communication data collection and directory management, enabling seamless data sharing and efficient resource allocation across platforms, ultimately enhancing organisational agility and effectiveness.

Our Streamline Usage Solution promises efficient collection, processing, and rating of all essential data feeds, ensuring peace of mind with accurate and comprehensive reporting and analysis. With a low implementation cost and rapid deployment, enterprises can quickly realise immediate value, experiencing streamlined operations and optimised resource utilisation.

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