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Board Group Consolidation and Reporting

Streamline your close cycles, instil confidence in your reporting, and enhance financial insights with our Board Group Consolidation and Reporting (GCR) solution powered by Board International. This solution transcends conventional financial consolidation software by integrating configurable data collection processes, automated reclassifications, and pre-configured statutory reports. Coupled with robust planning capabilities, it maximises impact and offers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Pain Points

Disconnected Planning and Consolidation

Separate modules lead to data transfer complexities and synchronisation issues, hindering the seamless integration of forward-looking data.

Spreadsheet Limitations

Manual data collection from various ERP systems, currencies, and charts of account structures is complex and error-prone, creating inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the consolidation processes.

Intercompany Reconciliation Complexity

Time-consuming processes and a lack of cooperation among parties delay the close process, impacting overall efficiency.

Fragmented Reporting Mechanisms

Reporting challenges arise due to diverse stakeholder needs in terms of perspectives, formats, and detail levels. This requires multiple consolidated financial reporting mechanisms and manual data copying, leading to high costs and inefficient, repetitive report creation processes.
Consolidation and Reporting

Key Features


Data Collection, Validation, And Submission

Unify and streamline the process of collecting, validating, and submitting data across accounting and planning functions with our financial consolidation tool.


Process Monitoring, Workflow, And Audit Trails

Ensure consistency and governance throughout the consolidation process through process monitoring, workflow management, and robust audit trails.


Intercompany Reconciliation Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard simplifies intercompany reconciliations, removing complexity and uncertainty from the process.


Intelligent Calculations And Rules

Quickly implement a best-practice consolidation process with intelligent calculations and rules, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.


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Accelerated Monthly Cycles
This consolidated financial reporting software achieves a swift, seamless close process encompassing data collection, adjustments, reconciliation, and reporting.
Abstract Technology with Corporate Man
Effortless Compliance Management
This financial close and consolidation reporting tool meets compliance demands effortlessly, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines.
Abstract Technology
Faster and Smarter Consolidation
Our financial consolidation and reporting software defines multiple scenarios, automate calculations and rules, optimise the consolidation process, and allow for deeper data analysis.
Abstract Technology
Unified Planning and Consolidation
Maximise business impact by integrating financial consolidation, planning, reporting, and streamlining processes to enhance decision-making.
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Enhanced Financial Insights
Expand analysis capabilities by incorporating additional information and dimensions, elevating the scope and depth of financial insights.

Experience a significant boost in finance efficiency with a 91% increase, driven by a 90% automation of data input with our Group Consolidation Software. Benefit from a further 75% acceleration in closing cycles, ensuring swift and streamlined financial operations when utilising this technology. 

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