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Why Choose Adapt IT EPM?

Our software solutions are crafted to enhance business administration and core operations across various industries, empowering enterprises to manage and optimise their performance to meet strategic goals. We offer specialised applications for corporate performance management, vendor invoice consolidation, and telco expense management, integrating cutting-edge technology for scalable and proactive solutions. By partnering closely with our customers, we deliver custom, effective solutions that drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and add significant value to their business.

Empowering Success Through Partnership and Innovation

Our distinct advantage stems from a commitment to forging strong, collaborative relationships with our customers. This partnership-driven approach enables us to tailor our enterprise performance management solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs. By working closely together, we ensure our solutions not only address current challenges but also pave the way for future success. Our dedication to utilising cutting-edge technology further sets us apart, ensuring our solutions remain relevant and adaptable in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Collaborative Partnerships

We go beyond mere service provision to build deep, consultative relationships with our customers, ensuring that our solutions perfectly align with their needs.

Tailored Solutions

We customise our offerings to our customers' specific challenges and opportunities, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

Long-Term Success

By focusing on not just immediate challenges but also future opportunities, we position our customers for enduring success.

Technological Agility

Our commitment to leveraging the latest technology ensures our solutions are always at the cutting edge, offering scalable and flexible responses to evolving market demands.
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“At the heart of our strategy lies a simple truth: true success comes from a partnership, not a transaction” – Shamit Makan, EPM Divisional Executive

With a 40-year legacy of innovation and a team of knowledgeable industry experts, our commitment extends beyond mere solutions. We embed ourselves as true partners, ensuring that every strategy is crafted with precision. This deep-seated expertise and collaborative ethos highlight our belief that success is a journey we embark on together, armed with the best technology and a profound understanding of the industry.

Our Journey Timeline

Unison Communications (Pty) Ltd was established
Proudly South African industry leader in telephone management, billing, voice mail and fax server applications.
Aspivia was established
Created a web-based solution that offers smart business tools for responsive and effective corporate telecom management, enhancing transparency, accountability, and cost control.
Unison Communications and Aspivia join forces
Unison and Aspivia, leading players in the TMS market with a combined 50 years of expertise, merged, creating a dominant force that represented 50% of Telephone Management Systems (TMS) consumption in Southern Africa.
JSE-listed Adapt IT acquired 100% of AspiviaUnison
Adapt IT's acquisition of AspiviaUnison and all its intellectual property and technology added a new pillar to its software solutions. Adapt IT was able to develop two businesses from the acquisition, TEM (Telecommunications Expense Management) and Telecoms.
TEM (Telecommunications Expense Management) rebranded to EPM (Enterprise Performance Management).
EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) has a new scope and now encompasses diverse, intelligent planning models, including financial planning, budgeting, and consolidation solutions and services.
2022 - onwards
Adapt IT was acquired by Volaris Group Inc
With a 40-year track record of adaptability to economic shifts, EPM is poised for a robust future, driven by our talented team and cutting-edge technology, ensuring continued evolution and innovation.
2022 - onwards

EPM Team Behind the Technology

We’re a dynamic team of over 30 passionate members, dedicated to upholding Adapt IT’s values of accountability, responsibility, honesty, and trust, and refining processes to ensure top-notch customer experiences. Our inclusive culture fosters collaboration, valuing each member’s contribution as we make informed decisions for mutual benefit, crafting meticulous, future-proof solutions grounded in solid business cases. 

Our success hinges on our flexibility and adeptness at adapting to shifting priorities, communicated effectively across the company. Embracing diversity, we cultivate an environment conducive to internal growth, driven by our customer-centric approach, which compels us to deeply understand clients’ needs and challenges, collaborating to co-create innovative solutions and achieve outstanding results. Drawing energy from the wealth of graduates who have honed their skills across our divisions and are now integral to our success, we eagerly anticipate the future, brimming with opportunities for sustained growth and development.

Group 274

Shamit Makan

EPM Divisional Executive

Empowers collaboration, fosters innovation, and drives excellence to improve business. Driven by his passion, Shamit is committed to excellence, ensuring timely delivery and exceptional experiences every step of the way.


Chris van Wyk

Head of Customer Retention

Passionate about nurturing lasting customer relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction, I bring 25+ years of invaluable experience to our EPM team, driving strategies that prioritise loyalty and sustained growth across our solutions and services.


Desmond Botha

Head of Professional Services

Desmond leads a dynamic team, and spearheads the delivery of unparalleled value to customers embarking on technology-driven finance transformation endeavours. He has extensive experience spanning industries, and EPM implementations.


Kishan Singh

Development Manager

“When you find a job that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Nonhlanhla's phot

Nonhlanhla Mncina

3rd Party Applications Lead

Nonhlanhla empowers teams to engineer innovative solutions that shape tomorrow, while spearheading software development excellence from conception to deployment and navigating intricate challenges with strategic problem-solving and impeccable execution.

Henry's profile photo

Henry Hurn

Application Support Lead

"Staying humble is the cornerstone of building genuine relationships with customers, fostering trust, and achieving lasting success.".


Bantsheng Matimba

Senior EPM consultant

Bantsheng brings over 17 years of experience as an EPM subject matter expert, serving as a technology catalyst for businesses. Her leadership has driven the successful implementation of solutions spanning various industries and technologies.


Naseera Innoos

Senior EPM Consultant

Naseera, a certified CA, leverages extensive financial expertise to enhance EPM solutions, driving value through the strategic use of modern technology solutions. Her proficiency serves as a vital link between finance and technology.

Mary's photo

Mary Chivers

Head of Customer Experience

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do."


Dinko Babarovich-Diaz

Senior Customer Experience Consultant

With an enduring passion for technology and customer service, Dinka has dedicated three decades to the technology sector, where he remains committed to continuous learning and growth every day.

Trusted By Our Customers

EPM takes pride in being the trusted partner for Board International’s technology, AWS, Oracle, and IBM.
Our collaborations with BCX, Gijima, Vodacom, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Mauritius Revenue Authority,
and multiple Adapt IT divisions further highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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