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Smart Stream Applications

Smart Stream Application offering encompasses a range of products, solutions and services aimed at streamlining various aspects of enterprise operations. From invoice management and shared billing to cost allocation and utility management, these solutions tackle challenges such as inefficiency and resource-intensive tasks. 

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This product streamlines vendor and supplier invoice management by consolidating, centralising, and automating processes to save time previously spent on manual tasks.
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This enterprise solution automates expense calculations, integrates internal costs, manages vendor contracts, and enables accurate reporting, enhancing efficiency and reducing inaccuracies in technology expenditure.
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This technology consolidates utility, landlord, and municipal bills across multiple locations and regions and caters to enterprises and corporate companies with dispersed store or branch networks.
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This powerful data visualisation tool provides dynamic and customisable views of your roster data by consolidating reports and offering various formats like graphs and tables for streamlined reporting.
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Taxint simplifies electronic invoicing compliance, alleviating administrative burdens and ensuring adherence to taxation regulations. Through automation and secure data handling, Taxint enhances businesses' efficiency, accuracy, and security in transaction reporting.
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This solution offers a comprehensive data management framework. It enables you to collect, monitor, centralise, and transform your data for analytics and insight, all while ensuring compliance and data security.
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This product uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text. This streamlines document processing workflows by scanning documents and extracting data directly into databases or third-party software.
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We address industry-specific challenges by collaboratively developing tailored digital intelligence applications. Through collaboration with stakeholders, including businesses and technology experts, we create repeatable solutions to address specific industry needs.

Tailored Offerings for Streamlined Enterprise Operations

Our Smart Stream Application suite enhances enterprise operations by optimising efficiency and eradicating inefficiencies. Committed to collaborative co-creation with our customers, we deliver tailored solutions that meet industry needs. Through our expertise and collaborative approach, we provide solutions that streamline operations and propel business success for enterprises.

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