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Corporate Enterprise Performance Management

Enhance business decision-making, financial planning, and operational efficiency with our Corporate Enterprise Performance Management business unit’s products, solutions, and services. Streamline budgeting, financial planning, consolidation, and forecasting processes while getting the support required for implementation, post-implementation services and application support. We help empower decision-makers across different enterprise functions to collaborate effectively and gain visibility into each other’s plans, ensuring alignment and driving business success.

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This solution optimises financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis processes to maximise business performance while providing a single, reliable source of financial truth across the enterprise.
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This solution combines configurable data collection, automated workflows, reclassifications, and standard statutory reports with robust planning features to enhance your business operations.
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This solution seamlessly integrates and facilitates a smooth collaboration among sales, operations, and finance departments across an enterprise. It aims to optimise inventory levels, reduce disruptions, and enhance business profitability.
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This is a financial consolidation and reporting application that automates and streamlines intricate financial consolidation processes for groups managing multiple subsidiaries, joint ventures, various ERP systems, diverse charts of accounts, currencies, and evolving shareholding structures.
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Board technology seamlessly combines business intelligence and corporate performance management tools for the quick deployment of tailored planning, reporting, analysis, and modelling solutions.
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This service offers customers timely and expert assistance with resolving incidents, providing application support, addressing inquiries, implementing changes, performing routine maintenance, conducting user education, and offering critical period standby.
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We take a comprehensive and practical approach to assist customers in successfully implementing EPM technology. We leverage our years of industry experience to tailor tools, templates and technology choices to meet customers' unique needs.

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Our Corporate Enterprise Performance Management suite offers tailored offerings to enhance decision-making, streamline processes, and optimise financial and operational efficiency. With cutting-edge technology like Board Technology and expert support services, we ensure customer success in navigating complex business challenges.

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