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Board International’s technology equips enterprise customers with a comprehensive no-code platform for business intelligence and enterprise performance management, enabling swift, informed decision-making across all organisational levels. This innovative product has pre-configured analysis, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting tools that can be tailored to various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, and professional services. Adapt IT EPM is a preferred and trusted Board International partner for the whole African region and beyond for licensing, full implementation and complete after-sales service.

Customer Pain Points

Fragmented Data Landscape

Different data sources across different systems within the organisation lead to the absence of a unified source of truth, complicating data management and accessibility.

Compromised Decision Making

The unavailability of essential information, insufficient visibility into detailed data, low confidence in data accuracy, and a lack of common understanding regarding definitions and terminology significantly hamper decision-making processes, highlighting the severity of the issue.

Operational Inefficiencies

The organisation faces considerable inefficiencies due to the manual handling of tasks that could be streamlined through automation, leading to wasted time and resources.

Lack of Agility

The inability to respond swiftly to changes and business requests negatively affects adaptability and responsiveness in a dynamic market environment.
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Fit-For-Purpose Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Tools

Board International’s technology offers a toolkit for rapid deployment planning, reporting, analysis, modelling, budgeting, forecasting, and simulation tools.


Single Unified Platform

This decision-making platform unifies various business planning processes and data analysis functions within a single platform.


Data Visualisation

This product includes features for creating interactive and visually appealing dashboards, allowing users to gain insights from their data through charts, graphs, and other visualisations.



Board technology is adaptable to various business needs and can be customised for specific industry requirements.


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Streamline Planning Cycles
Achieve a swift and smooth planning process that aligns key stakeholders and ensures all parts of the organisation work together cohesively.
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Empower Your Finance Team
Equip your finance team with the real-time insights necessary to act as strategic advisors, steering each segment of the organisation towards improved profitability and performance.
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Emphasise Insightful Decision-Making
By prioritising the delivery of insights, organisations can base decisions on solid data to enhance accountability, transparency, and the pursuit of excellence.
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Simplify Processes Across the Business
Bridge the gap between disparate data sources by uniting departments through a singular platform, ensuring alignment around a unified source of truth.
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Enhance Collaboration
Create a dynamic collaboration environment where planners across the organisation can collaborate in real-time, leveraging consistent data and shared analytics tools.
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Adopt Extended Planning and Analytics (xP&A)
Elevate your planning capabilities by extending them beyond the finance department and implementing a best-practice approach for comprehensive planning and analytics across the organisation.

Board technology addresses the challenge of finding industry-specific software solutions by offering a highly adaptable platform that caters to a diverse range of industries. This focus on industry specificity and adaptability promises enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, enabling businesses to thrive in their respective sectors

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