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EasyRoster Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard solution, built by Adapt IT, streamlines and simplifies the management of your roster and shift data. Our dynamic and customisable visualisations provide flexible tools to consolidate reports, tailor data structures, and present insights in various formats. This innovative interactive dashboard allows managers to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and adapt swiftly to changing operational needs while enjoying the freedom to personalise data views for enhanced efficiency and control.

Customer Pain Points

Operational Inefficiencies

Manual reporting is time-consuming, significantly reducing operational efficiency and productivity.

Limited Visibility

Gaining insights into site resource coverage can be challenging, making it difficult to promptly identify and address staffing shortages or surpluses.

Profitability Concerns

Maintaining profitability becomes challenging when revenue and cost breakdowns are unclear, making it difficult to identify areas for improvement and cost-saving opportunities.

Lack of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Inadequate access to accurate and timely data from detailed and consolidated reports directly hampers the ability to make informed decisions, leading to potential setbacks in cost management and the achievement of required targets.
EasyRoster Business Intelligence Dashboard



Customisable Data Views

This business intelligence tool provides customisable views of the collected data, allowing users to tailor the display according to their needs and preferences. This flexibility enables managers to make informed decisions efficiently.


Improved Operational Efficiency

This technology streamlines operations and simplifies reporting processes by consolidating reports and customising data structures. This efficiency enhancement saves time and resources.


Optimised Financial Performance

With this technology, area and operations managers can monitor revenue and costs in real-time, identify discrepancies, and pinpoint areas for improvement.


Enhanced Visibility and Insights

The dashboards provide valuable insights into site resource coverage, staffing patterns, and shift allocations. With this insight, managers can quickly identify staffing shortages or surpluses, enabling proactive measures to address operational challenges and ensure efficient workforce management.


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Customisable Business Intelligence Reporting
Create, tailor and customise reports according to your specific needs to gain the insights required for effective decision-making.
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Revenue and Cost Breakdown
Dive deeper into your revenue and cost data with flexible revenue and cost reports that uncover valuable insights.
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Reporting Exporting
Export reports into any desired format, including Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, or other formats. Seamlessly work with the exported data to further analyse, share, or present insights to stakeholders.
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Drill-Through Capability
The detailed drill-through capabilities enable users to navigate from summary information to detailed data with ease. This functionality facilitates in-depth analysis by allowing users to explore underlying data and identify trends and patterns.
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Efficient Onboarding
Quick and effective onboarding allows users to get up and running smoothly without unnecessary delays or complications.
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Web-Based Accessibility
Access your dashboards from anywhere with internet access via a standard web browser for seamless accessibility.

Effortlessly gain insights and save time with our EasyRoster Business Intelligence Dashboard solution, reducing report preparation time by over 25%. Drive immediate ROI with on-demand reporting and identify anomalies with a single click for a 50X return when used effectively.

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