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EPM Implementation

Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Implementation service provides our customers with the peace of mind that our Board and IBM Cognos-certified team have the knowledge, experience and expertise to implement our various Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions powered by Board technology and IBM Cognos. We adopt a holistic yet pragmatic approach to deliver value to our customers and ensure streamlined and effective implementations tailored to our client’s diverse needs.

Customer Pain Points

Interpretation and Visualisation of Solution Design Documents

Customers have difficulty interpreting and visualising solution design documents, which impacts their understanding of the Enterprise Performance Management implementation process and specifications.

Agile Project Cost Management

Agile project costs pose challenges in estimation and management, often resulting in potential budget overruns and difficulties in cost containment.
EPM Implementation

Key Features


Hybrid Agile Methodology

The methodology we follow incorporates sprint reviews every two weeks to validate the implemented solution through user feedback, fostering iterative development and ensuring alignment with user needs.


Two-Stage Quote & Statement of Work Approach

This approach provides clarity and flexibility by offering a firm quote for project initiation and high-level enterprise performance management platform design up front, with a detailed quote provided once analysis and design are completed. This enables transparent pricing and allows for adjustments based on evolving project requirements.


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Iterative Validation and Confidence Building for all Enterprise Performance Management solutions

Sprint reviews allow for regular feedback and resolution of misunderstandings, ensuring a good fit between the solution and user needs. This iterative process builds confidence and excitement among users as they see the solution taking shape.
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Clarity and Flexibility in Pricing our implementation services

The two-stage quote and statement of work approach provide upfront pricing for project initiation and allow for adjustments based on evolving enterprise performance management requirements. This ensures transparency and enables efficient budget management throughout the project lifecycle.

Our promise of value lies in leveraging a blend of profound EPM expertise and cutting-edge technology, ensuring unparalleled value delivery for our customers compared to any other EPM technology implementations.

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