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IBM Cognos Controller

Our IBM Cognos Controller product offers a robust financial consolidation and reporting solution designed for organisations managing complex financial structures, including multiple subsidiaries and joint ventures across diverse ERP systems, charts of accounts, and currencies. This solution meets the needs of analysts and managers who require accurate and timely financial performance data to enhance decision-making and financial reporting efficiency.

Customer Pain Points

Reliance on Spreadsheets

Despite their flexibility, spreadsheets fall short in supporting complex processes across multiple entities.

Manual Work and Low Automation

High volumes of manual work result in low-quality and inaccurate data due to insufficient process automation.

Late Adjustments for Intercompany Transactions

Time-consuming adjustments for intercompany transactions cause delays in financial consolidation and forecasting, impacting reporting accuracy.

Evolving Reporting Requirements

Constantly changing reporting requirements, both externally and internally, adds complexity to financial processes.

Diverse Accounting Regulations

Managing differing accounting regulations across countries is challenging and requires a high level of expertise to ensure compliance.

Complexity of ERP Systems and Structures

Differences in ERP systems, currencies, and chart of account structures among subsidiaries complicate financial processes.
IBM Cognos Controller

Key Features


Data Collection

IBM Cognos Controller handles all the process and control steps necessary to gather financial information from multiple sources and systems.  Both quantitative and qualitative data can be entered automatically or manually via forms and templates.


Reporting Capabilities

Financial data can be collected and presented in multiple reporting and transaction currencies. Individual data entry forms and templates are easy to create and manage. Data can be imported and entered via Excel forms or a web browser.


Audit Trail for Data

IBM Cognos Controller enables administrators to configure, track and audit data flow within the consolidation process and maintains a clear audit trail.



IBM Cognos Controller enables thorough validation processes to reduce lead times and ensure data consistency.



Cognos Controller facilitates value allocations based on user-defined ratios to specific targets, including between companies, accounts, or extended business dimensions.


Inter-Company Eliminations

IBM Cognos Controller streamlines intercompany transactions by allowing input at the entity level and providing online visibility of counterparties for immediate discrepancy resolution.


Capital Eliminations

IBM Cognos Controller supports all current methods of capital consolidation and can perform staged eliminations in legal or management structures.


Advanced Formula Calculations

The advanced formula calculations capability, which calculates and stores financial and nonfinancial metrics, is part of the account and rules definition and is integrated into the consolidation process.


User-Defined Business Rules

Users can structure, control, and execute consolidation rules for customised, repeatable processes


Currency Conversion

IBM Cognos Controller supports all currency conversion methods at any level. It translates data in a foreign currency into the group default currency.


Customisation Reporting of Data for Regulatory Compliance in Specific Region or Country

Each organisation has its unique chart of accounts, management and legal structures, legal and regulatory requirements that need to be met and a unique combination of source systems for both financial and non-financial data.


Abstract Technology
Enhanced Flexibility
You can flexibly define and maintain changing rules and processes without coding, scripting or complex language.
Abstract Tech
Accelerated Automation
Automate inter-company eliminations, allocations, currency conversions, acquisition calculations, and more. Automate your financial consolidation processes and accounting procedures (no IT assistance is required). Automate your close process and simplify the task of providing certified financial information.
Abstract Tech
Supports Extended Financial Close
This product addresses your extended financial close process (close, consolidate, report, and file) in an auditable solution owned by the Office of Finance.
Man using phone with abstract technology
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Built-in functionality supports adherence to IAS, IFRS, U.S. GAAP, local GAAPs, and other regulatory reporting regimes.
Corporate Men and Abstract Technology
Single Common Chart of Accounts
Consolidate thousands of accounts into a common chart-of-accounts structure.

IBM Cognos Controller ensures seamless adherence to statutory, analyst, and management reporting obligations, empowering you to easily meet regulatory demands. This product allows you to gain efficiency in your financial close and consolidation processes while effortlessly navigating intricate global and local accounting compliance standards.

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