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Post Implementation Services and Application Support

After the initial implementation of our innovative EPM technologies, Adapt IT EPM offers a comprehensive suite of EPM Post Implementation Services and Application Support. These services are designed to ensure that your organisation’s EPM tools, particularly IBM Cognos Controller and Board technologies, continue to operate optimally and evolve in alignment with your business needs. 

Customer Pain Points

Unpredictability of Issues and Needs

Customers are often unsure about the type of problems they may encounter or the specific changes that will be necessary for their EPM systems.

Need for Timely Assistance

There is a critical need for fast support to minimise disruption to customer operations.

Inflexibility of Support Offerings

Traditional, one-size-fits-all support models do not address customers' diverse and evolving needs, and rigid support structures fail to accommodate different organisations' specific and varied requirements.
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Key Features


Incident and Problem Resolution

Our support team quickly addresses and resolves any issues or challenges that arise with our EPM applications.


Functional Application Support

We provide user and admin support for the functional aspects of the applications.


Enquiries Handling

Our team is on hand to answer questions related to application functionality and technical specifications.


Application Changes

We can modify data load procedures, reports, forms, security profiles and groups, calculations, metadata structures, etc.


Routine Maintenance and Administration

Our team ensures that your EPM applications run smoothly on a day-to-day basis.


User Education

We empower users through training and educational resources to maximise their proficiency with the implemented EPM tools.


Critical Period Standby

Our team offers support during critical business periods to ensure uninterrupted operation.


Version Upgrade Assistance

We help customers navigate the complexities of upgrading their EPM software to the latest version.


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Expertise in EPM Technologies
Adapt IT EPM possesses deep knowledge and skill in specific EPM tools such as IBM Cognos Controller and Board technologies, positioning itself as an expert in the field of enterprise performance management.
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Customer Application Familiarity
Adapt IT EPM's thorough understanding of its customers' applications ensures that it can provide tailored support and enhancements that align with the customer's unique business needs.
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Bilingual in Customer and Technology Languages
Adapt IT EPM can effectively communicate with clients and EPM technology vendors, ensuring a seamless interface between customer needs and technology solutions.
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Mature Support Function
With 15 years of experience, Adapt IT has developed robust support processes and methods, offering flexible support agreements designed to meet each customer's specific needs.
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Tailored Expertise
Customers benefit from Adapt IT EPM’s specialised knowledge in EPM technologies, ensuring that their specific needs are understood and a support service plan is implemented to solve any issues, problems or concerns.

Gain peace of mind with Adapt IT EPM’s prompt assistance, ensuring your EPM systems run smoothly. Benefit from our tailored support services, which offer flexibility and reliability for your specific support needs post-implementation.

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