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Streamline Invoice Management

Our Streamline Invoice Management solution utilises cutting-edge technology built by Adapt IT. It has been designed specifically for enterprises and empowers businesses to consolidate, centralise, and automate vendor and supplier invoices, eliminating the need for manual processing and saving valuable time. By leveraging this simple invoice management solution, organisations can optimise resource utilisation, enhance operational efficiency, and gain a comprehensive view of their invoice data, driving better decision-making and cost management.

Customer Pain Points

High Administrative Burden

Manual processing of invoices results in a time-consuming and labour-intensive task for employees, leading to increased administrative workload and operational complexity.

Error-Prone Processes

Manual data entry increases the risk of errors and inaccuracies in invoice processing, potentially leading to payment discrepancies, reconciliation issues, and financial discrepancies.

Delays in Processing

Manual invoice processing workflows often suffer delays due to the time-consuming nature of data entry and validation, resulting in slower invoice approvals, payments, and overall financial operations.

Lack of Visibility and Control

Without a streamlined invoice management system and processes, enterprises struggle to maintain visibility and control over their financial obligations. This leads to challenges in tracking expenses, managing cash flow, and ensuring compliance with payment deadlines and contractual terms.
Invoice Management



Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Enhanced visibility into vendor information and transactions allows for quicker decision-making, reduces the time needed to approve invoices/payments, and ensures accurate mapping to the right business structure, such as cost centres, divisions, and departments.


Significant Time Savings and Resource Optimisation

Automation and integrations streamline the invoice capture process, freeing up internal resources from manual data entry and validation. This allows skilled employees to focus on more strategic tasks, improving overall productivity.


Empowered Decision-Making

Validation, exception, and reconciliation reports provide comprehensive insights into pricing structures and cost trends, empowering enterprises to make informed decisions and optimise their financial strategies.


Improved Invoice Management Processes

By defining workflows and processes for invoice approvals, efficiency and accuracy are enhanced, errors are eliminated, and the risk of discrepancies in billing and invoice capture is reduced. This ensures smoother operations and faster exception resolution.


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Comprehensive Cost Benchmarking
Conduct detailed comparative cost analyses across various managed vendor services.
Centralised Vendor Data Repository
Establish a centralised repository for vendor data, ensuring easy access to critical information for informed decision-making.
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Automated Invoice Approval Workflow
Implement an automated invoice approval workflow process that seamlessly integrates into a customer's invoice process for validation, approval, dispute resolution, and alignment with financial payment processes.
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Detailed Line-Item Invoice Processing
Process detailed invoice line-item details to generate exception and validation reports, highlighting invoice and billing anomalies for a quick resolution.
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Streamlined Invoice Management Approval
Streamlining the invoice management approval process allows customers to reduce payment cycles by automatically processing invoices aligned with the invoice approval workflow.
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Cost Optimisation Dashboard
The savings dashboard assists customers in optimising vendor spend through in-depth initiatives, identifying areas for optimisation to drive down overall expenditure.
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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing
Use OCR technology to scan physical documents and extract relevant data, enhancing efficiency in document processing tasks.
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Anomaly Detection and Alerts
Implement alerts and notifications to detect anomalies and highlight exceptions against pre-defined thresholds, enabling proactive management of potential issues.
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Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics and Dashboards
The powerful BI data analytics and dashboard features have drill-through capability and intuitive usability, allowing businesses to uncover actionable insights from the data.
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Validation and Reconciliation Reporting
Provides business stakeholders with accurate and transparent financial information, building confidence in management teams.

Our streamlined invoice management software enhances efficiency and accuracy by automating, integrating, and optimising your invoicing processes. With highly competitive pricing and seamless customisation tailored to your business needs, this solution ensures maximum value and support from end-to-end delivery.

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