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Streamline Shared Billing And Cost Allocation

Elevate your enterprise with advanced Streamline Shared Billing and Cost Allocation solutions crafted by Adapt IT EPM, apart of the Adapt IT group. Our automated Shared Billing and Cost Allocation feature seamlessly integrates internal expenses, aligning them with financial workflows for precise reporting on supplier-to-customer cost structures. This ensures unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

With our shared billing capabilities, you can effortlessly forecast technology expenses, oversee vendor contracts, and set pricing schedules while accurately allocating costs to internal departments or clients. By automating these financial oversight processes, we enable businesses to concentrate on strategic growth and operational excellence, securing a competitive advantage in managing enterprise-related costs.

Customer Pain Points

Administrative Overload and Inefficiency

The manual process of calculating, forecasting, and accurately apportioning costs and cost allocation management is time-consuming and prone to delays.

Accuracy and Reliability Issues

Manual cost management plans, reconciliation, and forecasting increase the risk of errors and inaccuracies, potentially leading to financial discrepancies that can significantly impact financial planning and internal reconciliations.

Inefficient Workflow

Manually populating data to allocate costs to internal and external structures further complicates the process's inefficiencies, negatively impacting workflow productivity and accuracy.

Lack of Scalability

As enterprises grow, manually managing vendor contracts, pricing schedules, and cost apportionment becomes increasingly unmanageable, hindering scalability and the ability to adapt to changing business needs.
Cost Allocation and Shared Billing with Adapt IT EPM



Efficiency and Time Savings

This solution automates the cost allocation process and the calculation and forecasting of costs, significantly reducing the time spent on manual processes and increasing operational efficiency.


Accuracy and Reliability

This technology ensures the precise apportionment of costs back to internal business divisions or clients, minimising errors associated with manual calculations and enhancing financial accuracy. Automation eliminates error-prone manual reconciliation processes, ensuring accurate cost allocation and reducing the risk of financial discrepancies.


Enhanced Visibility and Control

This provides near real-time insights into expenses and vendor contracts, allowing for better financial management, informed decision-making, and strategic resource allocation.


Cost Optimisation

This solution enables enterprises to monitor and analyse spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimise vendor contract terms, leading to improved financial performance and reduced operational costs.


Streamlined Data Management

This solution integrates multiple data sources into a single platform, eliminating data fragmentation and simplifying reconciliation, leading to more efficient workflows.


Seamless Integration

Integration into Accounts Payable systems facilitates seamless data flow. This eliminates the need for manual data collection, improving workflow efficiency and accuracy in allocating costs to internal and external structures.


Abstract Technology and Business Man
Automated Invoice Workflow
This automated invoice approval workflow can be integrated into a customer's invoice process for effective validation, approval, dispute, and alignment with financial payment processes.
Abstract Technology
Detailed Line-Item Processing
Facilitates the processing of detailed invoice line-item details, allowing the customer to generate exception and validation reports to highlight invoice and billing anomalies.
Abstract Technology
Cost Allocation Per Unit
Streamlines the process of assigning costs across various internal business units or cost centres, automating financial allocation to enhance accuracy and efficiency.
Abstract Technology
Advanced Billing Dashboard
This robust dashboard offers drill-down capabilities and intuitive navigation, making it easier for businesses to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.
Man with tech overlay
Effective Pricing Schedule Management
Encourages costing accuracy from your suppliers by using a user-input pricing schedule to apportion costs to the business accurately.
Abstract Technology
This solution is easily adaptable and can meet any enterprise's specific shared billing and cost allocation needs with minimal replication effort. It also boasts multi-language and currency capabilities.
Abstract Technology
BI analytics and dashboards
Our solution offers advanced Business Intelligence (BI) analytics and dashboards with powerful features like drill-through capability and intuitive usability to identify actionable insights.
Abstract Technology
Allocation Model
This feature allows you to gain complete control and visibility over your allocation model, with a master view of internal cost apportionment, for effective decision-making.
Abstract Technology
External & Internal Client Workspace
Seamlessly manage cost centre structures, customer tiers, service counts, and contract management within our streamlined cost management workspace, catering to both internal and external clients' needs.
Abstract Technology
Pricing Catalogue
Use our dedicated pricing workspace to efficiently manage costs procured from external suppliers and allocate them to clients.
Abstract Technology
Allocation Pricing
Use this feature to align your internal cost allocations with customer size, service counts, and Service Level Agreement tiers, enabling the precise calculation of per-unit costs tailored to individual client needs.
Abstract Technology
With an adaptable multi-language and currency platform, this solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs of enterprises operating in diverse regions and markets, ensuring seamless integration and accurate reporting across different languages and currencies.

Our Streamline Shared Billing and Cost Allocation solution promises accurate cost apportionment through reliable cost management process automation and seamless integration. It also offers bespoke customisation to meet your enterprise’s unique needs.

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