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Streamline Utility Management

Our Streamline Utility Management solution provides a centralised platform for enterprises and corporate companies with multi-location networks to effortlessly consolidate utility, landlord, and municipal bills. This solution is tailored to streamline the consolidation process across various locations and regions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing diverse billing data. By simplifying bill consolidation and offering comprehensive reporting capabilities, we empower organisations to optimise cost management and enhance financial transparency across their network of stores or branches.

Customer Pain Points

Administrative Complexity

Managing utility and municipal bills from multiple locations poses a significant administrative challenge, leading to inefficiencies and increased workload for staff.

ESG Compliance

Understanding and complying with Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) regulations can be daunting, especially when it comes to accurately tracking and reporting on carbon footprint data.

Audit Accuracy

Ensuring accurate and comprehensive reporting for auditing purposes, particularly regarding resource consumption and expenditure, presents a considerable challenge for enterprises with multiple locations.

Data Fragmentation

Dealing with fragmented data sources and different formats complicates the process of consolidating and analysing utility and municipal bills, making it difficult to gain actionable insights and ensure data integrity.
Utility Management with Adapt IT EPM

Key Features


Enhanced Cost Optimisation

Streamline Utility management solution ensures billing accuracy, driving direct cost optimisation initiatives by identifying and resolving anomalies, ultimately leading to significant savings.


Efficiency Gains

By automating manual processes and providing exception reporting, organisations can dramatically reduce the time and resources spent on utility management, allowing teams to focus on other important tasks.


Seamless Scalability

Our solution adapts seamlessly to site size and scale changes with improved utility coverage integration and automation, ensuring operational efficiency regardless of organisational growth or shrinkage.


Regulatory Compliance and Advanced Analytics

This solution empowers your organisation to comply with regulatory requirements, including ESG reporting. Additionally, it provides access to a scalable, cloud-based platform that continually enhances data analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering you with the tools for informed decision-making.


Seamless Scalability

Our solution adapts seamlessly to site size and scale changes with improved utility coverage integration and automation, ensuring operational efficiency regardless of organisational growth or shrinkage.


Abstract Technology
Invoice Data Gathering
This feature provides a streamlined process for collecting invoices from various sources, such as a central mailbox, SFTP location, API integration, or direct feeds from landlords or municipalities.
Abstract Tech
Classification Engine
Aligns utility, landlord, and municipal costs with specific consumption categories and categorises invoice line items accordingly. This engine efficiently processes invoices, identifies variances, and generates payment files for financial ERPs, saving on indirect costs and detecting billing anomalies.
Abstract Tech
Heatmap Dashboard
This utility management dashboard provides an overview of a client’s locations per province, facilitating easy visualisation of branch or store footprints.
Abstract Tech
Cost Dashboard
Offers a consolidated view of all utility invoices, categorised into cost groups such as electricity, water, and sewerage.
Abstract hand holding phone
Consumption Dashboard
This dashboard presents a consolidated view of consumption across all locations, aligned with consumption categories like electricity per KW, water per KL, and more.
Abstract Technology
AI-driven OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Seamlessly scan and process physical utility, landlord, and municipal invoices digitally, ensuring accurate data extraction and integration into the utility management platform

Our Streamline Utility Management software promises enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and visibility for enterprises. By automating data gathering, categorisation, and anomaly detection, businesses can reduce manual effort, minimise errors, and optimise cost allocation for utility bill management across multiple locations. 

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